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Predator chap 25 snippet

I promise I am writing. lol You know i am slow.

### It felt as if she had seen this scene a dozen times. Opening her eyes, Izara tiredly stared out the med pod window. Instantly her eyes were drawn to the huge figure sitting on the floor in the middle of the room. Just like it was when she last woke up from the drug induced sleep that steadily clawed at her senses trying to pull her back into its lethargy, the three beds that had taken up the far side of the curving room were gone. And just like last time pain pierced her heart at the sight of it.

As if sensing her, Bor looked up from the blade in his lap. His hand holding the wet stone paused as he stared back at her.

Izara's heart tightened as she returned the hunter's stare. His face was unreadable as ever. Was he really going to leave her in here? Knowing it was useless to try and talk to him through the glass, something she had tried doing when he first put her in, Izara silently implored him with her eyes to let her out.

Bor looked away and her heart sank.

Tears formed in her eyes as she looked down. She had been right! He never planned on taking her out. Unable to move her hands to wipe at the falling tears on her face, she closed her eyes and turned her head on the hard cushioned mat she was laying on. She may as well give into the drugs and let herself be lost in sleep.

A beep sounded above her. Snapping her eyes open, she turned to see Bor's bare chest inches from the glass. Tilting her head up, Izara watched him as he typed on the glass dome's screen. With a few input commands the medpod began to move.

Relief stung at her eyes washing away the betrayal with more tears. The medpod was completely horizontal when the glass dome opened. Fresh air whooshed around her, dispersing the medicated air inside the pod trying to keep her asleep.

"Bor," she croaked out, her throat suddenly dry feeling.

Bor reached for her and for the first time Izara realized what she was wearing. As Bor's clawed hands slipped under her back and legs, she could see the white bandage like underwear barely covering her breasts and crotch. Izara wanted to let out a mortified groan, but kept it at bay as Bor lifted her out of the medpod. The bandages were just thin strips of cloth wrapped around her breasts and over and between her thighs. Technically, they gave her a shred of modesty while at the same time giving her none at all.

She wanted to say something, to tell him she could walk on her own or that he could put her down. Anything to not seem so pathetic right now in front of a creature whose whole identity was built on strength. But the words escaped her as her head spun, and Izara found her arms winding desperately over his broad shoulders and wrapping around the strong column of his neck.

Walking with her to the kitchenette, Bor grabbed her water thermos in one hand before walking to the empty sleep area. In his guttaral, growling language that shook through his thick chest and directly into her Bor spoke to the computer. Immediately the AI dinged and the wall moved as one large bed descended and settled before them.

Bor turned and sat with her in his arms at the edge of the bed. Silently, he gave her the thermos. If every limb on her body didn’t feel twenty pounds heavier Izara would have pouted. She felt like a child being given a bottle being held like this in his arms. She wanted to sit up and appear stronger. She wanted to look him directly in his eyes with confidence. But she couldn't muster up the strength for any of that. All she could do was lay against his warm, firm chest and drink from the straw of her thermos while avoiding his gaze in shame.

With every pull of the water, her strength faded until the now half empty thermos felt like a lead weight in her hand. She felt so damn tired she just wanted to cry.

Laying limp in his hold, Izara couldn't do anything but watch as Bor's clawed hand wrapped around her thermos and took it from her, setting it on the small shelf next to the bed. Beneath her, she could feel his muscles harden as he began to move.

"Please don't put me back in," she whispered, pressing her face into his chest.

Bor did not respond. Shifting her in his arms, he leaned back into the mattress bringing her with him. Draped alongside of him with one leg over his thigh and her breasts pressed against his flank, Izara was tucked neatly into the space between his arm and side.

Izara looked up. From this position all she could see was the strong line of his mandibles and jaw. Hidden in this odd but comforting position, she could feel his hand settled at the small of her back, pressing her securely against him.

She released a breath she didn't know she had been holding.

Around them the lights faded as the skylights opened, making her eyes feel even heavier. That damn AI. Where the hell was its intuitive thinking system when she was getting drugged in the bathroom?

Blue moonlight streamed in above them covering them like a blanket. Izara shifted against him and froze at the ripping sound. Panicked she looked down and squinted in the darkness. The thin gauze material around her breasts looked askew. Hesitantly she shifted again against the hunter and froze at the hot feeling of his flesh against her nipples. Izara didn't have time to berate herself when she felt the gentle pressure of his claws press against the flesh of her back combined with his series of rolling clicks.

She instantly stilled.

Could he feel her bare breasts press against him?

Just kill me now, God.

Embarrassment so hot and so visceral shot up her body heating her from the inside out. Pressing her face against his side she prayed it would smother her.

Eventually the clicking stopped and silence surrounded them. Only the occasional sound of leaves and debris hitting the windows of the pod disturbed the air. ### end of snippet##

this is what Bor looks like (without the plasma canon) and no bone necklace and mentally add two swords and a bow. lol

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