• Katerina Winters

Unnamed Predator story 2022 chap 1

The inhuman sounds coming from the processing lab were far more pronounced today than usual. The deep roar emanating from the sealed, and supposedly soundproof, doors was particularly deafening. Izara hurried forward and swiped her wrist unit across the door's panel.

It warbled out a denying beep as it flashed red.

Izara narrowed her eyes at the panel before glaring at the door. Forty minutes ago she had been in bed with three minutes left on her timer before her alarm went off when she got a blaring notification on her wrist unit that there was a new detainee that needed immediate processing. Getting up, she had looked at the footage of a sleek bounty ship docking to the Mountain. Short for Black Mountain Containment Colony Base 4, the huge cold storage prison capable of holding fifteen thousand detainees with a working staff of a thousand was basically a floating city out here in the Icarius Star System.

Another quaking roar jolted her back to action. Pulling off her datapad from her wrist unit she stuck it to the wall with its magnetic back and activated the red holo-keyboard. Quickly her fingers moved over the digital keyboard as she tapped into the door's locking system and found the code of the last lock entry. Izara twisted her lips as she read Dr. Andrew's last input specifically barring out her access.

"Asshole," she whispered.

Tapping in the last of her new code to overwrite his she snatched her datapad from the wall and slapped it back onto her wrist and waved it in front of the panel once more.

The panel flashed green along with a tiny tune of success opening the heavy sliding doors.

Inside about eight feet from the door was the source of the angered inhuman sounds she had heard. Strapped to the table just above Dr. Andrew's hovering plasma saw was one of the deadliest creatures in all the known and probably unknown galaxies.

A yautja.

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