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A Love So Wrong Epilogue:

"Gideon?" Sandra called from the open doorway.
Stopping mid-stride on his way towards the front door, he paused and looked up to his mother's smiling face.
Sandra barely spared him a glance and smiled at the baby she held in her arms as she spoke to Gideon. "Jaden needs his little hat. It's too sunny out here," she said, kissing the baby's head. "Oh, and Jade said to get another pair of tongs along with the cake cutter."
Nodding, Gideon turned on his heel and went to Jade's old room. Walking in, he smiled at the gray and blue striped walls. Walking over to the crib, Gideon plucked the tiny sun hat hanging on the corner and smiled. It was hard to believe only a year ago, this room was still decorated like a teenage girl's room. Now, as he looked around at the room, Sandra spent weeks painting, stenciling, and perfectly rearranging for the new love of her life; it was hard to ever imagine it was anything different.
Making his way to the kitchen, Gideon could hear the din of noise outside grow louder as other guests to the party arrived. Today was a double celebration, Jaden's one year birthday and Jade's graduation from college. Last night he and Jade had laughed in bed at the memories of his plans to hold off on getting pregnant until after she graduated. That plan went out the window once Sandra realized that their relationship would produce the one thing that would give her life a whole new meaning--a grandbaby. Shaking his head, Gideon grinned as he opened the kitchen drawer and searched for the last pair of tongs. The older woman had been downright underhanded about it too. He had explained to her his plan for getting them both through college first, and he had watched her serenely nod and agree with him, but he should have seen the evil gleam sparkling deep down in the grayish-blue eyes of hers. Overnight the woman who had spent her life having people dote on her was suddenly a self-sufficient woman, driving herself to and from places on her own, going out with other ladies in town, subsequently giving him and Jade plenty of alone town around the house, and goddammit her evil planned worked. Each time Gideon came home and found Jade cooking by herself in the kitchen or sitting in the living room reading, he had her on her back within minutes. With her out of the house, there was no need to suppress their sounds, no need to keep their lovemaking restricted to their side of the house. Groaning at the memory, Gideon eyed the big round oak dining table with a hungry look as he remembered Jade's naked body bent over the surface. Jesus, he was aroused even now. Something that would no doubt please his conniving mother, he thought with a tired smile. Stepping outside into the sunlight, Gideon surveyed the large open front lawn of his house. With three long tables lined up and covered in colorful table cloths, the yard was dotted with friends enjoying the celebration. Streamers hung down from the trees, and the aromatic smell of barbecue wafted in the air from where Gavin manned the grill. Toby and his girlfriend stood next to Sandra, talking and laughing as they all three no doubt spoiled Jaden rotten with attention.
Coming down the steps to where Jade stood talking to Ebony, he thought of his mother's latest devious ploy. Remarks here and there on how lonely Jaden would be growing up was not lost on him and Jade. The evil woman didn’t even bother hiding her intentions at this point. With Jaden's room closer to hers than theirs, Sandra coddled both Jaden and Jade, making sure her time as a new mother went by seamlessly. Late-night feedings were orchestrated like a seasoned general preparing for a minor battle. Breast milk was bottled and waiting when Jaden woke and demanded food and cuddles, and grandma was right there waiting as she had never been asleep. If Jade needed to study, no problem, grandma was already scooping Jaden into his arms, leaving Jade ample enough time to study and sleep. Between Sandra and the group of older women she hung about with, there was nothing he and Jade needed to frantically lookup online. Suspicious coughs were examined and listened to by a group of skilled mothers who had raised generations of children themselves. It was probably the easiest transition into parenthood in the world, Gideon thought with a rueful smile as he approached his wife, and that was why no doubt the dastardly woman would get what she wanted yet again.
Sliding his hand around her waist, Gideon looked down at Jade's smiling face and felt his heart tighten at the happiness sparkling back.
Yeah, she was definitely going to get pregnant again.

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