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Wrongful Desires

Young and innocent Raven Gables was strictly off limits, a fact Creed Lyons made sure to remind every surrounding male—including himself. Keeping her at arm's length Creed was content to watch the young beauty from afar, but cruel fate always found a way to laugh in his face.


From the moment Creed arrived to rescue her, Raven knew the taciturn soldier covered in tattoos would change her life forever. Over the years he had become more than just a proxy “uncle” in her eyes, he was the dark-eyed man that haunted her dreams. The question was, would Creed ever see more than just a tragically orphaned schoolgirl?


Like family, it was his job now to care and look after her, but God help him he wasn't prepared for this type of hell. There was only so much a man could take staring back at wide innocent eyes that begged the predator inside to devour her.

Glass Cage


After her mother's untimely death, finishing high-school was no longer an option for Christelle DeMelo.

A chance job offering led her into the cruel hands of Alexei Petrov. On the outside the stoic Russian appeared to be a normal wealthy businessman who needed a maid to keep up with his particular demands. However, Christelle knows the real man, the monster in an expensive suit. Her and her infant brother's livelihood depends on the tall amber eyed criminal who wants nothing more than her complete obedience.

From the moment he laid eyes on her Alexei had every intention to possess his innocent maid. But when she arrived at his door one night carrying her brother and a black eye Alexei happily threw out his initial plans for a slow seduction. Seizing the opportunity Alexei presented her with a deal she had no choice to accept.



Always calm, gracious, and collected Salene Agnew’s perfectly mapped out life-plan has come to a crashing halt. With no money and nowhere to go Salene finds herself standing at the door of her worst enemy with all that is left of her worldly possessions.


From the moment Salene and Gabriel Breslin met, tempers flared and hate burned deep, Salene’s fierce independent aura directly clashed with Gabriel’s misogynistic arrogance. Desperate to get her life back together Salene will have to endure a man who is cold as ice.


The minute Salene walked through his door with that sharp tongue and those honey brown eyes, Gabriel was ready to send her packing—until he realized how much fun he could have at her expense. Agreeing to let her stay Gabriel has every intention of making her life a living hell. What he wasn’t prepared for was her to do the same. No woman could get under his skin and enrage him like Salene could. With each passing day, Gabriel could feel his hard earned control slipping towards his prim and proper house guest.


Just how far will their hatred run until one of them breaks?

Lost and Found

She was an ever smiling innocent. Rescued from sleeping on the streets, Misha stepped into the dangerous family of the Russian mafia. Her smiling bright nature was in violent contrast with the mob boss. Mikhail Kulakov was quiet, lethal, calculative, --and ten years her senior.


As she grew older gratitude turned into a secret desire towards her hardened criminal guardian.


Forbidden feelings...


At first, she was simply just a distraction to his routine life. Then the years passed taking the young girl with them, leaving behind a beautiful young woman under his roof. It took everything Mikhail had to ignore his ward's sweet and innocent allure. His little Misha did not deserve a hardened criminal.


But he would be damned before he let another man have her.

A Cold Fateful Night

During a city-wide blackout and severe snowstorm, two strangers have no choice but to stick close together.

Optimistic and naive Lasette Crane was trapped, scared, and alone with a man she knew nothing about. But one thing was certain, she needed him to make it through the night alive. Guided by his strength and grim tenacity she followed the silent man into the cold darkness.

With a magnet for trouble by his side, Dorian Fields' primary concern was to get them to warmth and safety because with every step they took on the cold dark streets they realized it wasn't just the steadily dropping temperature they had to fear on this cold, fateful night.

The King's Karma

Longing to escape her mundane life of prayer and chores, Ishtar dreamed of adventure far from the stone walls of the remote monastery. Different from the rest of the aging nuns, she spent her life pretending not to be affected by curious stares, but when a demon king saves her from an attack, she found herself captivated by his piercing gaze.


A demonic king with unmistakable power, Suros commanded an elite army of trained warriors dedicated to their king and his every command. After years of searching for her, Suros was prepared to do whatever it takes to have her, even if that meant taking her by force.


With a shocking secret forcing Ishtar to flee from the only place she called home, can she outrun the demon with crimson eyes determined to have her at no matter the cost?

His Smile

Roman Mashir was the man that stepped out of shadowed corners wearing a smile. Cruelty and laughter were synonymous in his world. Roman was the devil who caught your gaze and grinned back at you in your nightmares. 
Fear was what he liked to see, expected even—bright eyed infatuation was not.
Rahina Chopra was persistent, annoying, naïve, and beyond foolish. While she danced happily in moonlight he was the devil who aimed his sights and pulled triggers. 
She had no business fluttering carelessly into his world, he had made too many enemies, laughed in the face of one too many dying men to be allowed the luxury of her beauty. 
But she recklessly fell in love with the madman, despite everyone's warnings--despite his warnings.
So, she stepped closer. Further into the psychopath's hands sliding around her throat and closed her eyes to his grip fastening tightly close. Rahina didn't want Roman's status, his power, or his wealth the only thing she wanted was—his smile.

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Back to Black

College student, Everly Pengram, was trying to turn her life right side up again. Heartbroken, pregnant, and alone in a new town, Everly just wanted a fresh start.

Lured by her smile and driven by need, two brothers will stop at nothing to have her. It was supposed to be a simple bank robbery, get in and get out. With one look at her, plans changed. After years of searching, they finally found the perfect woman, and they weren’t going to let her get away.

Ensnared by their strong, gentle hands, they demanded everything from Everly. Taking her freedom and forcing her submission, the two tyrants would stop at nothing until they claimed her heart.

At All Cost

Standing alone in the middle of the Oregon woods, Alessia Conners was officially out of options.

With no money, no family, and no friends to turn to Alessia has little hope of escaping the predator in her home without doing something--drastic. All she wanted was a safe place to call home. With a tent and some camping gear, she is determined to find refuge and a new start to life in the peaceful woods of Oregon.

There was something in his woods, something that didn't belong.

Jax Beranek is a rugged, mean recluse whose powerful presence and sharp tongue hide a damaged man who has given up on the world. He is a man that doesn't need or want anyone. He has his cabin, his peace and quiet, and above all else is solitude. So when he happens to find some young woman sorely unprepared and close to getting herself killed in his woods he gives her a hard but fair choice: leave with his aid or leave tied and gagged over his shoulder, but either way she was leaving his damn forest.

It was the pain though, that familiar soul-wrenching pain he recognized all too well inside the lonely, sad-eyed woman that struck at a cord of compassion he didn't know he possessed.

But his help wouldn't be free--he was going to put the little vagabond to work.

With her days filled with hard work, back and forth bickering and her nights filled with exhausted sleep in Jax's safe, cozy cabin, Alessia could finally for the first time in months breathe easy and forget about the monster in her past.

If only the monster would forget about her.

Djinn cover Final small.jpg
Releasing the Djinn

The flame of life within Nadira is fading.

Everyone around her only wants to use her, slowly tearing away her hopes for the future.

Only the dark whispered promises emanating from her grandmother's necklace give her hope.

The trapped djinn promises freedom in exchange for his own.

Every instinct tells her to turn away, to throw the necklace and that purring voice as far away from her as possible, but his whisper is the only glimmer of light shining in the darkness of her life.

But if she lets him go, will he do the same?

Love so wrong cover final.jpg
A Love So Wrong

Gideon Lattimore was the town's all-star prince. Mr. Perfect, who gave out gleaming smiles and wicked winks--and he was Jade's hero. From the moment she met him, they had been inseparable. For Jade, Gideon was everything: he was her self-proclaimed protector, her best friend, and her family.

Living in a beautiful, sleepy town by the ocean surrounded by family and friends, their sparkling futures were all mapped out. She would graduate high school and attend the same college as him, and maybe one day, she would even get over her secret crush. For now, though, life was simply perfect, and Jade was content to dream.

But everyone knows perfect things never last.

Cast from the only place they had ever called home, Jade and Gideon Lattimore are forced to downsize their lives into seventy-seven inches of their recently deceased father's semi-truck. Together they travel across the US, taking every paying load they can in hopes of planning out a new future. With every mile passed, tensions begin to build, and unspoken feelings between them begin to rise to the surface, daring the other to acknowledge them first.

But one poor decision comes crashing through their fragile existence, and it may just cost them their lives--or it just may make their forbidden dreams come true.

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Never Just Friends

They were friends.

She was like family.

Dammit, they were just friends…right?


Maritzia DeLeon has been Cade's best friend since the day he moved into her family's apartment building in middle school. Accepted into the fold of her big family, they grew up together running around the streets of The Bronx like they owned them. It took shipping off to the army for seven years to realize just how golden those years were by her side. But now he was back, and though some things have changed their friendship hasn’t—right?


She was like family.

Yet with every caught stare and lingering look Cade could feel the unavoidable truth rising to the surface.


She was a friend.

So why were his nights plagued with dreams of breaking her boyfriend's jaw and pulling her into his arms where she belonged?


They were just friends.

Maybe, if he said the words enough times—he could start believing them.

Wanting More

Abandoned by her mother.

Forced out of her home.

Rejected by her so called "uncle."

It was safe to say life wasn't looking so great.

Fine. Sapphire didn't need them anyway. She would survive this crappy small town and endure the stares from the locals just until graduation, and then she was out of here and never looking back.

That was the plan, until they saw her. The Heathens.

Rough, violent, and ruthless, they laid claim to the town. They were fearless. Brutal. Unstoppable.

Giving her no choice, they pulled her into their world, telling her it was for her own good.

She was prepared to fight them every step of the way, to show them and anyone else in this damn town she was in control of her life and no one else. But she didn't expect these two powerful men show her warmth. She didn't expect them to look at her and truly see her.

Every day, she was getting pulled in more and more into their lives and further ensnared in this town.

She had to get out of here. She couldn't focus on the need in their eyes or the clash of jealousy between them when it came to her. She had her plan, dammit. She had to get out of here. Didn't she?



♥♥Warning: This slow burn has one girl and two ruthless men who will stop at nothing to have her in their world. This is book one of a duology. This book will end on a cliffhanger. This series has a HEA and contains graphic content.♥♥

Needing More

He saw their rules.

Knew them.

But they wouldn't invite him in. Wouldn't let him play.

So he was here to break them.

♥♥Warning: This book contains dark elements. Pleas read TW inside the book. This is a reverse harem novel, meaning the main character has more than one love interest. This book does have a HEA.♥♥



Their paths were never supposed to cross.

But her brother made a costly mistake.

The first time he saw her, he wanted her.

The next time, he was obsessed.

He should’ve left her alone.

He watched her.

He followed her.

He infiltrated her life.

It was supposed to be one night. Just one night for payback. But one taste was his undoing.

He would never let her go.

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