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This is way darker than the Blade/camila story

This one is a bit rapey (but she wants it so no worries…I know that sounds awful but you know what I mean)

However if you find that isn’t your style DO NOT READ and refrain from complaining to me since you have been WARNED.

Oh and its nasty as hell.


___end of A/NA___


Fiona and X Ficlet:




X Was nothing like the other hunters. He was the best.


When she first woke up, abducted and on an alien planet, Fiona was on the verge of having a mental breakdown. She wanted to scream and cry, to just crumple to the ground in tears at the sight of the other women getting “selected” and leashed by these monsters. Self-preservation however, prevented her from making such a costly mistake, as she watched some of the other women who succumbed to their fearful emotions get violently reprimanded by their captors. Sinking into the depths of her mind, Fiona did everything she could to remain emotionally dead when her turn came up and she was eventually led away by a tall lean hunter.


But as the days continued, she found it harder and harder to remain emotionless against the quiet gentleness of her hunter. Whenever she was in danger he would always appear at her side, killing anything that threatened her before taking her high against his chest in his strong arms. She knew she was lucky to get X as her hunter. No other woman was treated as nice by their hunter like X treated her. His sweet protective nature sometimes had her smiling to herself, as her head filled with foolish fanciful thoughts wishing she could somehow keep X with her forever. It was totally illogical, she knew. But she couldn’t help it, every time she thought of her boyfriend Michael back on earth she wasn’t filled with longing sadness for his company, she thought of X and his quiet looks and lean powerful body. Compared to X, he put other men to shame.


A man. Ha!


Well, he was certainly manly in a lot of ways and then there were the aspects he clearly wasn’t. Unlike some of the hunters, X’s crab like mandibles did not enclose over his mouth fully. They were set a little further apart compared to most, allowing her to always see his inner mouth with all of his sharp teeth. Actually, X wasn’t really like any of his fellow hunters the more she thought about it. He was just as tall as them, towering over her tiny five-foot four figure with great ease with his seven-foot frame, but he was leaner than most. Whereas Blade, Camila’s hunter was big and stocky, X was pure lean muscle making him quicker and lighter than the rest of his kind. The small little horn nubbins that stuck out at the crown of his sloping bulbous cranium, were also very unique. They reminded her and Camila of a triceratops dinosaur. Speckled light green skin covered his body from head to toe, reminding Fiona of the smooth underside of a frog while his long unadorned black dreads laid sleekly down his narrow back. There were just so many things that set X apart from the rest of his clan, Fiona often wondered if maybe his different appearance was somehow related to his gentle silent nature.


Although as sweet as he was, Fiona wasn’t completely naïve when it came to the mysterious green hunter. As much as she loved his gentle protectiveness, she knew first hand he had the capabilities of being a savage monster. When one of those horrible red horned creatures pinned her against a tree and scratched her, X appeared behind him snatching the creature off her and began beating it to death with a savagery she had never before witnessed in her life. Even during the final round of the hunters’ game, X had her hide high in the trees as he killed any other hunter who came near her.


But now the games were over and X was taking her home.


No more alien games, no more peeing in the woods, or a bunch of women taking out their frustrations on her, she was on her way back to earth and she could barely contain her relief. The first thing Fiona was going to do when she got back was take a long hot shower followed by a long hot bubble bath. She was going to dig through her bathroom closet until she found that expensive body wash set she had yet to open from Christmas and she planned to just soak until the water turned ice cold.


Though as she sat and imagined all of her sorely missed earthly comforts, a thought passed her mind, she would miss one thing.


Every night since she was selected by X she had slept next to him. His long lean muscular body laid perfectly still next to her night after night in the yurt as the storm raged around them outside. Sometimes, she could feel his eyes pass over her form as she slept in that horribly revealing netted onesie. Fiona didn’t need to be looking at him to know he was looking at her, her skin reacted on some strange chemical level as his pale green stare settled on her. Sleeping next to him as odd as it sometimes be felt wonderful. The warmth he radiated and the comforting knowledge that nothing could ever harm her when she was with him was addicting. She would really miss that.


They had been on his new prized ship for only one night now. The ship was very minimal and spacious inside. It had one large control deck area that housed what she assumed were the flight controls and two seats, the control deck was designed with the same black metal they seemed to use for most of their technology. There was one sleeping cabin, with the same large bed that was in the yurt, with the same gel style mattress and single black leather blanket, and a large bathroom in the corner. Next to the sleeping cabin was a part-kitchen part-storeroom area and beyond that looked like a loading dock. Every room besides the sleeping cabin was designed in the same all black metal and odd blue strip light that seemed to emanate from the metal itself. The sleeping cabin was the only room done in a severe, stark white from floor to ceiling leaving only the black bed frame and the large window staring off into space, breaking up the blinding glare of white.


When she woke up that morning, X was already gone from his side of the bed. Still in her all black form fitting onesie, Fiona went into the bathroom to freshen up as much as she could without a toothbrush. Thankfully just before they left the alien jungle planet, X handed her something she never thought she see again—her purse. Clutching onto it she nearly cried her thanks to the stoic hunter. She was just so sure that when she was abducted that they had tossed her belongings she was carrying. Pulling out her hairbrush she ran it through her long springy curls, marveling at the long-lost feel of having her hair neatly brushed out. Leaving the bathroom, she went to stand by the closed bedroom door. Fiona was unsure if X closed it purposely, wanting her to remain in the bedroom, or did the door just close automatically. X had never gotten angry with her before, but Fiona made sure to tread lightly around the creature. The last thing she wanted to do was make him angry. Leaning forward she tried to listen at the door, but she couldn’t hear anything.


Taking a deep breath, she pressed the hidden switch against the wall, she had seen X press it last night, opening the sliding door with a whoosh. Stepping out into the tiny hallway near the kitchen, Fiona stopped at the edge of the hall where it met up with the space of the control deck. X was standing in between the two chairs that looked out towards the large window screen. The screen however wasn’t showing the beautiful expanse of space, it was showing the face of another hunter –Blade. Frowning she listened and watched their body language as Blade seemed to be telling X something he found highly interesting. Leaning forward against the console with both hands X growled something, that Fiona could imagine was something like “say that again” or “what” from the way his eyes lit up as he leaned eagerly forward. Blade’s deep resounding chuckle filled the room from the speakers before growling something out. With a few more exchanges, both creatures nodded before X disengaged the video call. Still leaning both clawed hands against the console, X slowly turned his head towards her letting his long sleek black dreads fall to the other side of his shoulder.


Embarrassed that she was caught eavesdropping, Fiona gave him a cheery smile as she stepped out of the hall and into the control deck.


“Good morning, or should I say afternoon?” she laughed, as she cautiously stepped closer. He hadn’t moved and his pale green eyes never left her as she moved closer. Nervously she continued. “I really can’t tell out here in space and all,” she tried explaining.


Not making a sound he just stood there for a few seconds before standing straight again.


She wanted to ask what was wrong? Why wasn’t he growling or doing anything in return? But what could he say--nothing that’s what—well at least nothing she could understand that is. Besides it wasn’t like he had been overly communicative with her back on the planet. Normally, X just showed his sweetness by caring for her and keeping her safe and now that he really didn’t need to do that here in space she wasn’t sure what to do with him.


Still willing to try, she smiled again. “How long will it take to get back to earth?”


Looking at her, X made his odd clicking sound deep in his chest before typing something onto the alien computer dash. A mini black screen with bright red lettering appeared on the window viewing screen. Looking back at her he waited, which made it seem as if that was her answer. Giving the screen a puzzled look, she bit her lip in nervous apology as she looked back up at him.


“Is that days?” she tried helpfully.


He shook his head slowly.


Frowning she tried again. “Is that weeks, you know…like a combination of seven days put together?”


Tilting his head slightly to the side, he gave her a nod.


“One week?”



Now her heart was plummeting. Just how long was this going to take? “Two weeks?” her voice had a small desperate edge to it.


He nodded.


“Ok, ok two weeks isn’t bad, I can do that,” she said more for herself than to him, forcing cheeriness into her voice. “If I can make it through those terrible games, I can float in space for two weeks no problem.” Though she wasn’t sure how she was mentally going to handle that. Fiona was never known amongst her family and friends to be able to sit down in one place very long. She wasn’t even able to read for very long, forcing her to buy all of her books on audio just so she could do something at the same time as she listened.


X’s eyes narrowed towards her, as if he was thinking about something. Not sure what to do she walked closer next to the second chair.


“Can I sit here next to you?” She waited for him to nod before sliding into the massive high back seat.


Swiveling forward, she looked out onto the stars. It was beautiful, it was just like the pictures of space and not at the same time. No picture could ever depict the absolute shining brightness of the stars surrounding them or the pure void like blackness they drifted through.


Turning back in her chair, she was a bit startled to see X staring at her so intently from his own chair. It was as if he wanted something from her.


Leaning her elbow onto the arm of the chair she cradled her chin in the palm of her hand and leaned forward. “Do you even know my name?”


Amusement faintly lit up his eyes as he nodded.


“Mmm, I don’t believe you,” she laughed as she gave him a narrowed look. “I think you are just saying that because you know I can’t make you prove it.”


Cocking his head to one side, X looked at the large window screen before looking back to her. Slowly his mandibles flexed and his mouth widened a bit, showing her a glimpse of his tongue within his mouth. A deep odd growl sounded from his mouth. It wasn’t like any sound he had ever made before. Frowning she blinked at him couple of times as she mentally replayed the sound over and over again.


Suddenly she sat straight up in her chair. “Did you just say my name? Did you just growl our Fiona” she grinned like mad, watching him nod. “Oh my God, that was great X!” Laughing she settled back against the back of her chair.


Thinking for a moment she scanned her brain for another topic, she didn’t want the conversation to die. This was the first back and forth they have had in a while. Looking over to him she noticed his dark green armor and thought of a question she had been meaning to ask for a while now.


“Do all hunters where their armor all the time like you do? I mean I noticed you wearing it even when you sleep. It has to be uncomfortable…” Her random observation was cut off when X suddenly stood up from his chair.


Flicking his long-clawed finger against the underside of his left wrist armor, X let the detached piece of armor fall to the floor. Switching wrist, he did the same to the other. Shaking herself out of her shock at the sudden actions Fiona realized her was undressing right now.


“X wait! You do not have to do that I didn’t mean for you to do that now,” With both bracers removed X reached down and unbuckled both heavy green boots before stepping out of them. “X please, I only meant…Oh God X wait…”


Fiona’s heart began frantically beating in her chest and her breath nearly caught in her throat as he began removing his skirt-like armor from around his lean waist. Letting the last of his armor pile to the floor, X stood towering above her wearing nothing but his netting and a black loin cloth. Unable to lift her gaze from the loin cloth she made an effort to close her gaping mouth.


Sitting down, X resumed staring at her as if nothing had happened. Nervous she tried to change the subject.


“Umm,” she stammered. “What will you do with your new ship?” She hoped the question sounded as normal as she tried to make it. Her poor heart was still pounding from his undressing and she couldn’t stop her eyes from roaming his long muscular body.


Bending down to his boots he yanked out a long deadly blade, before looking back to her.


“Hunting?” she guessed feebly.


Giving her a growl of agreement, she gave a slow nod.


“I see,” looking out towards the window screen she wondered what exactly would he be hunting and where. “Are we safe here, where we are now?”


He gave her another silent nod.


Relieved she gave him a cheery smile, feeling her heart calm down a little and happy to know there would be no space fights in her future. Stretching in the chair, she let her arms drop down as she relaxed her stretched muscles. Her cuffed wrist hit the edge of the chair and they both heard the familiar winding noise before she had a chance to stop it. The cuffs lit up around her wrists and ankles, the black material immediately retracted back into the cuffs leaving her stark naked.


With a yelp of shock, she reached for her wrist to activate the material again but X’s grip caught her first. Shocked, Fiona looked up to him to see his pale eyes positively burning. Instinctively, she knew something had changed in him, she tried tugging at her captured wrist.


“X please let go!” she tried, but his grip only tightened. Standing up he pulled her from her chair and against his chest easily, ignoring her frantic pulling at her wrist in his hand. “What are you doing? Please let me go!”


Giving a low reverberating growl, he bent forward and hoisted her over his shoulder.


“X what are you doing?! Stop!” Naked and hanging upside down from his broad back, Fiona tried kicking him to force him to stop. The grip around her knees only tightened as he took long quick strides down the small hall towards the bedroom.


Stopping in the center of the white room, X flipped her easily back onto the bed watching her bounce with a scream against the thick gel mattress. Pushing her wild curls from her face, Fiona scrambled back against the corner of the sleek black headboard and white wall keeping her eyes trained on him. Desperately, she groped for her cuff to reactivate her onesie, but her heart stopped when she felt only bare skin on her left wrist. Shocked, she stared down at her wrist with the missing cuff before whipping her head back up to him. His pale eyes glinted mischievously as he held up the missing silver cuff in his hand.


Tangible dread coursed through her veins as she pulled her knees up to her chest, shielding what little she could of her body. “Why are you doing this?” She whispered through the tightening of her throat.


Tossing the cuff absently to the far corner of the room, X’s brow bone furrowed over his eyes giving her a determined hungry look. Walking deliberately forward, he leaned one knee on the bed and reached for her. With nowhere to move to, Fiona began kicking and hitting like mad as her once sweet hunter snatched her ankle, pulling her flat down the length of the bed.


“X STOP!” her screams, her fighting attempts, everything was useless as she felt him pin one of her thrashing thighs against the bed with his knee and block her other leg with the position of his other knee between her thighs. Grabbing both of her wrists, X had her completely immobile in seconds with his large lean body pressed flushed against hers.


Crying miserably, Fiona could feel his hot length pressing against her thigh dispelling any illusions as to what this creature wanted from her. Giving her a low warning growl, X sat up to his knees pushing her legs open on either side of him. Too terrified to move, Fiona lay frozen against the mattress as he stared at her naked body. This couldn’t be happening. This just couldn’t be happening, she repeated over and over again in her head. X was the nice one, he was sweet and considerate towards her, why was he doing this to her all of a sudden?


Fiona jumped when she felt his hands settle on each of her thighs, letting his rough hands and blunt claws gently glide across her soft skin. Her body tensed when he stopped at the crevice of her thighs, she could feel the warmth of his large hands against the bare lips of her pussy. Seemingly captivated he hunched his back as he stared down at her open sex. The intensity of his stare was heating her whole body, Fiona couldn’t stop herself as she inadvertently flexed her core muscles making her sex move slightly before him. His pale green eyes seemed to light up even brighter at her movement. Simultaneously, he lifted both of his thumbs up as he kept a hold of the crevice of each thigh, letting his thumbs run across her folds before spreading them shamelessly apart.


A delirious frenzy was starting to go through her whole body as she squirmed underneath his touch. One hand pulled from her folds and held her firmly at her waist as the other began to probe up and down searchingly. A high pitch squeak escaped her lips and her body jolted when his fingers found her hidden bundle of nerves. The satisfied rumble from his chest shook her as he began deliberately stroking her aching clit.


“X, Please,” she moaned.


Pulling his other hand from her waist he resumed his ministrations with her clit as his other fingers began teasing her slickening entrance.


Her back arched as she felt his thick finger push inside of her, filling her tight passage. Leaning forward his dreads brushed against her breast as he increased his pace, plunging his finger inside her faster and faster. Throwing her head back, Fiona let out a desperate mewl as she felt X lift her back up off the bed. Unable to stop herself, she began to thrust her hips in time with his hand completely ignoring his mandibles spreading just inches from her face. The feeling of his blunt claw scraping against her inner walls as his finger curled inside of her sent her reeling, arching her breast up even higher. The sudden warm wet feeling against her nipple sent an arc of delicious heat intertwining with her steadily mounting need. Looking down, she watched with fearful awe as she watched X’s tongue bat at her tender nipple. Moaning, she brought her hands up to his head, her hands clutching at the rubbery texture of his dreads. There was something rough and ridge like about his tongue as it stroked slowly at her poor nipples, laving gently all the while stroking roughly as his fingers brought her to the cliff’s edge of her unwilling desire.


“Please,” she was no longer trying to stop him, as she held him closer to her breasts thrusting her hips faster in time with his second finger entering her.


The light pressure of his teeth pressing against her breast as he took her nipple inside his beastly mouth sent her over the edge. Grasping tightly onto his dreads, Fiona’s body stiffened as she let out a desperate scream at her release, feeling the warm honey of her sex drip down her thighs and coating his fingers.


Easing her back to the matress, X stumbled back off the bed, moving in a way she had never seen him move before. His normal graceful movements were replaced by jerky agitated movements as he flicked his head from one side letting his dreads whip around his shoulder before letting out a low clicking growl. With his chest heaving and knees bent, Fiona watched from her position on the bed as he brought his slick fingers to his mouth and slowly licked each one. Fiona swallowed thickly as fear began to rise back in her body overshadowing the heady fog of her climax. Pale green eyes focused on her, pinning her with feminine fear to the spot. Oh God, she knew without words that this was far from over. Ripping off his black leather loincloth, X marched towards her.


“X!” she squealed as he felt her ankle once again being grabbed and her body sliding towards the edge of the bed. Grabbing her arm, he pulled her into a kneeling position on the bed, directly in front of him.


Fiona’s mouth went dry as she kneeled shakily face to face with his heavy arousal. Long and thick, the pale skin of skin of his cock and hairless balls was a sight to behold. Hot forbidden fear laced arousal raced through her body making her tremble and her breasts feel heavy and swollen. His heavy grip on her arm slid slowly over the arch of her shoulder until he wound it deep into her hair, pulling it back, forcing her to stare up at him.  X’s eyes were wild and bright, he was not the quiet rational hunter she had grown to depend on, this was a predator dead set on having her in every way.


“Please X,” a tear rolled down her cheek as he craned her head back further. “Please don’t.” But even as she begged, they both knew it was useless.


His other hand grabbed her by the chin, with just enough pressure to force her mouth apart. Her pulse quickened and her pussy throbbed when she realized what he was going to do.


“X no, don’t!” she clutched at the grip in her air fruitlessly as he guided her mouth forward, pushing his cock against her lips.


His mandibles spread as he gave her a threatening growl that tempered her growing arousal and sent her heart slamming against her chest. Closing her eyes, more tears streamed down her face as she let him feed her his cock. Feeling the pressure on the back of her head, Fiona had no choice but to relax her throat as she accepted him deeper. Mercifully, he stopped halfway in. With fresh tears in her eyes she looked up at him with her mouth stretched around his engorged shaft. Green eyes glittered with a look of eager expectation as his mandibles constantly flexed, as if he was breathing heavily. Lifting her hand, Fiona wrapped her fingers around the thick root of his shaft as she slowly pulled back, letting the flat of her tongue drag across the base. She felt the twitch of his fingers in her hair as she nearly pulled him completely out of her mouth, but with no real choice, she pumped him slowly back into her mouth. His other hand came up and grabbed another fistful of her hair, until he was holding her head steady on either side. Guiding her movements with his grip, Fiona began bobbing her head up and down the length of his thick shaft feeling the skin around his uncircumcised shaft get tighter as his cock swelled in her mouth. Grunting against him, X began moving her head faster and faster as he began to fuck her mouth greedily. Desperately, she tried to keep up as her hand pumped him in time with her suctioning mouth. But the pace was becoming too fast. Tears streamed down the sides of her face as she braced both hands on his thighs as he began thrusting his hips to his movements, taking his cock to the back of her throat each time. His growing growls and grunts grew savage as they mixed in with the wet noises of her throat being punished by his monster cock. The tightening of his balls slapping against her chin was her only warning before he let out a guttural roar as he held her teary face against his stomach as his cock pulsed and spurted down her throat. With a few more shallow pumps into her whimpering throat he finally took a heavy step back letting her fall backwards onto the bed coughing.


Fiona’s body began to tremble as the reality of what just happened settled over her. Shame coalesced with disgust as she realized how wet she was from what she just did—what X forced her to do. Turning over, Fiona buried her face into the leather sheet as she let out a deep cry, pulling her knees to her chest. Distantly she could hear a low grumble from X, but it only made her cry harder. How could he do this to her? What did she do to deserve this from him? Everything was fine one minute and the next he was forcing himself on her. The soft touch of his rough textured hand on her bare back made her jump. Frozen in fear, she laid perfectly still with her face still buried in the cover, fearing what he would do next. The pressure of his hand just stroked her gently as the constant low rumble from his chest filled the room with occasional clicking sounds.


An odd beeping noise sounded from above them.


With a grunt the warm pressure of his hand on her back disappeared leaving her cold and lonely as she heard the sound of the bedroom door whoosh open and close.


Pulling the cover away from her eyes, Fiona blinked drearily as she looked around the stark white room to make sure he was gone. Her pulse felt as if it was hammering in her ears as she stumbled from the bed and rushed into the bathroom activating the lock on the door. Crying harder now, she leaned against the wall and activated the water to drown out her sobbing. She wasn’t sure how many minutes passed when the hard thump against the wall caught her breath in her chest. Clicking off the water, Fiona sat huddled on the shower floor holding herself perfectly still.


Another thump vibrated the door, heavier than the last.


Her eyes went wide in fear as she bit her lip to keep from crying out as another much harder thud rocked the walls around her.


An animalistic roar pierced the silence of the ship and a small cry escaped her throat. Pressing herself flat against the corner of the shower she covered her ears as the thumping turned into chaotic banging and X’s roars increased.


“Please stop,” she whispered. “Please just stop.”


Metal ripped as she watched in terror as X’s claws broke through the door. Curling maliciously against the metal, he gained a grip on the door before ripping the door open. Sparks shot from the door’s inner mechanism being forced against the locking command as it slid back into its pocket, broken.  Still naked, X gave her a feral growl before reaching down to haul her out of the safety of the bathroom. Too terrified to make a sound, Fiona stumbled against him as he stepped back into the bedroom. Holding her upper arms, he held her at arm’s length and gave her an angry snarl. Trembling, she cowered in his arms keeping her eyes focused on the ground, too afraid to look up. The grip on her upper arms tightened and she heard another low growl rumbling from his chest. She closed her eyes, praying he would not hurt her. The sudden feel of his hot, bare chest against her cheek startled her. Opening her eyes, she held herself stiff in his arms as she felt his arms wrap around her hugging her close. Confused and emotionally exhausted, she let her body lean into his as she began to cry into his chest. A deep vibrating growl that shook his chest soothed her frayed nerves relaxing her tired body even more against him. Gently X turned her around until her back was pressed firmly against his chest and she could feel his hard length against the top of her backside. Wrapping his arms around her front, her eyes went to the large window that looked out into the blackness of space and she saw their reflection on the glass. With his head dipped over her shoulder, X’s dreads hung down against her as his hands slowly caressed her body. Cupping her breast, he began slowly kneading the soft globe of flesh as the other hand traveled to the curls at the juncture of her thighs. Letting out a soft moan, Fiona shifted on her feet as the heat rose in her body as she watched their reflection on the window.


Moving her in his arms gently, X lifted her off the ground, cradling her in his arms. Walking out of the bedroom, Fiona felt herself let out a sigh of relief knowing he wasn’t taking her back to the bed. Walking into the cool empty control deck, X sat down in one of the chairs with her in his arms letting her legs drape across the arm of the chair while her back nestled into the crook of his muscular arm. Shifting her bottom slightly against the hard feel of his shaft, Fiona hid a grin against his chest as she felt him groan at the movement. Reaching past her, on the control panel he clicked a button. Immediately the lights in the control room turned off, sinking them in darkness as the light from the view screen of space bathed over them. The darkness of the inside of the ship felt as if it matched the depths of pure blackness of space perfectly. It felt as if they were floating amongst the stars.


The heavy rhythm of her heart finally subsided as she turned deeper into his warm chest, reveling in the feel of his clawed hand gripping her thigh tighter in return. Neither one made a sound. They didn’t need to.


Looking up, she leaned back a little in the chair to get a better view of his face ignoring the brazen bareness of her breasts. Tilting his face down he gave her a silent look, his predatory eyes giving her a faint hint of softness as he stared back. Boldly, she reached up and slowly ran her hand along the rough edges of his face. She could feel his arousal beneath her bottom twitch. Letting the soft pads of her fingers trace his face she gave him a penetrating look as she let them glide across his mandibles as they flexed open slowly at her touch. With his mouth open and mandibles flexed, she could see his tongue just behind his teeth. Never taking her eyes from his, she leaned forward and pressed her nipples against his chest as she touched the tip of her tongue to his.


The grip tightening around her thigh was bruising as he tried to maintain control of himself. Emboldened, she ran her tongue back again across his, tasting his unique flavor and savoring the odd ridged texture of the muscle. His groan was deafening as he pulled her against him further, obviously liking this new touch. Breathing increased as they continued their dance with each other. Fiona could feel her pussy throbbing at the heightening arousal.


Pulling back suddenly his mandibles snapped shut before flexing open and closed. Fiona was about to apologize when she felt him lift her up, until her ass hit the cool surface of the control panel. Flipping a few buttons to the side, X pushed her back along the panel just as the lights blinked off seemingly turning the system off. Leaning back against the dead buttons she watched nervously and eagerly as he spread her legs wide. Spreading his mandibles again, X dipped his head between her thighs. Fiona let out a small high-pitched shriek when she felt his hot tongue hit her sex.


“Ohh,” she arched into his mouth.


His big hands came up and held her thighs firmly down, butterflying her thighs indecently wide while spreading her slick pussy open for him.


Hungrily he began to devour her, pulling her closer to his mouth as his inhuman tongue stroked her heated flesh. Out of her mind, she called his name as her fingers tangled into his dreads. Rocking her hips under the impact of his tongue her screams hitched a little each time he ran that rough tongue over her sensitive pearl of nerves.


“X,” she begged, just by calling his name over and over again.


He was torturing her and she knew he was enjoying it. Each time she neared her climax his tongue would slide away from her swollen clit and focus on stretching her narrow passage wider. God, she wanted to come, she would do anything if he just let her come.


She wasn’t all the way sure if she said those words aloud or not, but X suddenly stopped. Picking her up with inhuman ease he had her off the control panel and back in the bedroom before she could process what was happening. Laying her on the bed, he growled in pleasure as she automatically spread her thighs wide for him. She knew what he wanted and God she wanted him to give it to her. Her pussy was practically drenched with her desire. Whatever this creature wanted he could have, she just needed him inside of her.


Grabbing her by the back of the knees, X pushed her thighs up until her knees were at her chest. With no preamble or warning she felt him glide his long girth inside of her. Groaning, Fiona wrapped her arms around X’s neck as he began pounding into her while holding her legs against her. Her body contracted and tightened around the forceful intrusion as his plunged himself deeper into her. Fiona could feel the heavy weight of his balls hitting her ass with each strike. Her screams seemed to be a tempo he followed, making sure each one she elicited was louder and more strangled than the previous as he drove into her body. Letting go of one of her legs, she felt him anchor himself on the mattress beside her so he could gain better leverage with his strokes.


The scream never left her throat as her lungs compressed with utter shock, stealing her air. Stars glittered across her eyes as she held onto him with all her strength. The darkness at the edges of her vision began to seep forward as she distantly heard him let out a thundering roar at his own release.


The feeling of his rough tongue sliding across her lips gently was her last memory as darkness consumed her.




The weeks that followed were slow, long, and carnal.


Fiona wasn’t sure what was happening to her but she knew becoming addicted to this creature. She lost count of how many times they made love. In space she was never sure what time of day it was, whether it was morning, noon, or night. It didn’t matter though. As long as X was inside of her she didn’t care what happened. Naked she woke up beside him each day and greeted him each morning the same way. Pulling down the sheet, she would find his cock ready and waiting for her. By the time she had him fully seated in the back of her throat she would feel his hand spear gently through her hair ready to guide her to the rhythm he wanted.


On the control panel, on the floor, against the window, wherever he wanted her she let him take her there crying his name as she came. And each night as they lay in the bed, both exhausted and sated she cried in his arms as she realized this would eventually end. She would be back on earth soon and he would be leaving her.


But for now, as they floated through the stars she had this moment with him, a moment she could never forget.






Just so you know on my real work on Amazon under my name, I do not write authors notes. However, I feel that a little explanation would suffice since X cannot talk so you are only getting one view point.


  1. If you haven’t figured it out X is not all sweetness and sunshine. Actually, X is a teenager youngblood yautja. So far he is the best of his clan, yes even technically better than Blade lol (Blade is a teenager too)

  2. Blade called X to tell him about human blowjobs. X decided he really wanted one and he knew Fiona liked him so he didn’t see why he couldn’t have one. Lol

  3. I will write more predator fics soon and some other monster ones like werewolves, orcs, devils, and Venom and more soon.

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