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The King's Karma 


Opening the door to the nursery, Ishtar covered her mouth to hold back a startled scream. Standing in between her infant daughters' cribs stood a towering form surrounded in shadows. Breathing in a sudden sigh of relief, she leaned heavily on the door.


"Decimus, you scared me," she breathed, pressing her hand flat to her chest.


The whirling black shadows moved like ink in water and she watched the large grin of sharp teeth appear first, before the angular face of her brother-in-law appeared from the shadowy mass.


Bright red eyes narrowed and she watched his slitted pupils rove up and down over her form. Ishtar shifted where she stood under his searching gaze, she was feeling a little weak today and she knew it showed. Doing anything to look away from his pulsing red examining eyes, she looked beyond his shadowy form to the large crusty black rocks sitting next to her daughters' cribs. They were giant egg-shaped boulders that certainly were not there before.


She pointed to one of the rocks. "What are those?"


Stepping from the shadows completley now, she got a good look at the demon's imposing form. Taller than her husband, Suros, the demon hell-hound wore his silken black hair loose around his broad shoulders.


Decimus stared at her for a beat and Ishtar wondered if the demented demon would even say anything in reply. Turning towards the cribs, he reached into both and gently stroked his clawed hand over the babies' fuzzy little scalps. Their floppy bunny ears, much like hers, were small and still pressed flat to their heads adding to their preciousness. Ishtar smiled at Decimus's tender touch. He reminded her of Suros when he handled the girls. So very careful to keep his deadly claws from touching them, simply ghosting his touch across their soft skin.


"These are gifts for my lovely nieces. Gifts to protect them throughout their lives."


"Oh, but what are-"


"Come sister, let me examine you,"


Blushing, Ishtar's mind stumbled at his words. A little over a month ago, Decimus had been the one to deliver her twins. Hazily, she could still remember snatches of memories from that night: fear for her babies' safety, fear for herself and leaving her other children without a mother, and relief at the sudden presence of the half hell-hound. That night he had pulled her babies safely from her womb and handed them off to the midwife before turning his attention on her. Weak and still bleeding within, she lay there as Decimus hovered above her. He had whispered his intentions to her, his sharp white teeth gleaming within the shadows that surrounded him, but he did not wait for her reply. Slowly and uncomfortably, she had felt the warm creeping push of his elongated tongue reaching deep within her fragile and sore body. Ishtar grimaced at the memory even as Decimus now grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the nursery. Sweat slicked, naked, and sore from giving birth that night, she had somehow still felt the whispers of pleasure as her brother-in-law licked and healed her womb from within.


Planting her feet, she tugged back on her arm stopping in the middle of her and Suros's bedroom. "Decimus, no," she said firmly. "I don't need any-"


As if blown but a sudden strong breeze, inky shadows whirled about her obscuring her vision. "Is that true, dear sister?" Decimus's voice purred all around her, disembodied and omnipotent. "Your gait is slower than usual, your appetite has been reported to be diminished, and I can see the fatigue in your eyes."


Guiltily, she looked down at her feet. What he said was not wrong, but she knew her perverted brother-in-law and she knew if she gave in he would do as he pleased with her.


Boldly, she looked back into the swirling cloud of shadows surrounding her. "Suros is-"


"Out with my nephews walking the edge of the Black Forest," he answered and she could see the disembodied grin of sharp teeth flash in the darkness.


They both sensed her defeat at once and Ishtar let out a small startled noise when she felt a pair of strong arms hoist her up and off the ground.


Within seconds she found herself placed on the mattress of her and Suros's bed. The shadows moved over her body and Ishtar closed her eyes as she felt her robe and silken gown being removed. Naked, she lay on the bed and waited for Decimus's next move.


"Have you bled since the birth?" The question was accompanied by his long clawed hands gently parting her thighs.


Swallowing, Ishtar kept her eyes closed and ignored the heat within her sex as she felt him kneel in between her legs. "Yes," she answered hoarsely. "A little bit last week, but it only lasted a few days."


"Mmm, I see," his deep voice rumbled over her like an earthquake.


His hands skimmed up from her thighs, mirroring the other's action on either side of her body as they trailed up her hips and to her naked breasts. "And your milk? How does it flow?"


Ishtar's lips felt dry at the sudden pressure of his hands just beneath her breasts. She hated herself for the sudden spike of heat in her sex and the flare of frustration at his lack of full contact.


"It's…It's good, I think," she stuttered weakly behind closed eyes.


"Then let us see shall we."


His dark words were her only warning before she felt the searing heat of his mouth covering her nipple.


Ishtar cried out, arching her body into his.


A clawed hand held her in place as another trailed down to her slick folds and began to tease her. Opening her eyes in shock at the touch, Ishtar's heart stuttered at the sight of the hell-hound above her. His eyes flared bright red in the darkeness of her room as he suckled at her breast. With a wet pop, he pulled her nipple from his suctioning lips and met her gaze. She watched with panting breath as he licked the traces of milk from his lips.


"Your milk flows sweet and plenty my dear sister," he informed her as he nuzzled the other breast as he sank a finger into her passage. Ignoring her groan at the invasion, he ghosted his lips over the other nipple. "Has my brother had a taste as of yet?"


Nodding her head, she squirmed and writhed beneath him, mindless now as he stoked her sopping entrance she answered. "Yes, nearly every night."


"Good, as he should," his deep voice rumbled approvingly against her skin as he lowered himself down her body. "You should not be bleeding while breastfeeding," he informed her, his face inches above her exposed sex.


Holding back a moan, Ishtar stared down past her swollen breasts at the demon who hovered inches away from her hot core.


Red eyes flicked up to meet hers and she was surprised by the reproachful look within them. "My brother has been rutting you to vigorously lately, has he not?"


Thinking of the last time Suros made love to her in this bed, she recalled his strong strokes within her. Ishtar bit her lip and turned her head, she was already betraying Suros by enjoying his brother's lascivious examination she would not sink herself any further into her shame by discussing her husband's actions.


A deep chuckle vibrated from Decimus and shook against her open thighs. "I know he has, little one, and he knows he is the cause of the bleeding," he admitted. "I will heal you once again and speak to my brother."


"No wait, please don't."


But her cries of protest shattered into a cry of need as she felt his long, hot tongue snake wickedly within her. Pulsing and licking his tongue reached deep within her coating her womb with his saliva. No longer able to fight, Ishtar pushed her sex deeper into his face riding his tongue. Clutching at the sheets around her, she bit her lip to his name that hovered at her lips. The wet sounds of his tongue pulling back out to lick at her swollen clit undid her at the seams of her soul, forcing her to let out a piercing cry before limply falling to the mattress.




The smell of brimstone and something far lighter--far headier filled Suros's senses when he entered his bed chambers. Scanning his eyes towards the small room attached to their room, he eyed the open door of the nursery and spotted the two large eggs. Looking back to the shadowed bedroom, he walked silently over to the large bed. The curtains were pulled tight along the wall not allowing even a sliver of the evening sun into the room.


Laying sprawled across their bed, his wife lay naked and her legs slightly apart. From his position at the foot of the bed he could see the slight glisten of her folds and narrowed his gaze.


Beside him the shadows moved and deepened and a large floating smile full of razor sharp teeth appeared amid the void.


"I am happy to inform your wife is healthy," the dark voice gleefully informed him. "You will need to abstain from overly vigorous rutting, however."


 It was impossible not to mount his wife, Suros thought as his eyes rested back on his exhausted wife. The seemingly innocent little demoness was like a succubus begging and whining for him each night until he relented.


Approaching his wife, Suros felt the tendril of his own arousal course through him at the sight of her even as his brother's warning echoed in the room. "Be mindful little brother, her kind cannot help but to want to breed and they do so very easily. I do not think it wise for her body to succumb to another pregnancy so soon."


Suros frowned.


"Do you remember what I have taught you?" Decimus taunted.


Suros growled remembering the detailed conversations of mating Decimus forced on him and his other brothers when they were younger. It was humiliating. Their father and mother happily allowed the half hell-hound to take over the sexual teachings regardless of the younger wolves objections to their maniacal brother's tutelage.


Without needing to turn and look, he knew the demon hell-hound was gone. Removing his clothes, Suros lowered himself to the bed. Unable to resist, he placed a soft kiss on his wife's breast and listened to her moan and frown in her sleep.


"Leave me alone, you horrible-"


Smiling, Suros let the flat of his tongue lave across the stiff peak of her nipple before dispelling her worries. "Is this anyway to talk to your King and husband?"


Opening her eyes with a snap, Ishtar sighed and opened her arms to him to hold him close to her soft breasts.


Stroking his hair from his scalp and far down his back Ishtar mumbled against him. "Your brother brought the babies some sort of gifts."


"As well as checked up on you?" he couldn’t help but let his fangs graze her nipple in petulant revenge.


With a gasp that only served to flame the fire of want within him higher, she pushed back from him just enough to see his face. "Yes, but I could not stop him," she pouted.


Suros smiled, he knew she did not hold any place in her heart for his half crazed brother and he also knew his brother cared for his wife in his own way. Once she was accepted into the family his brother's protection fell over her like an endless shroud. Though, his protection did not stop his brother's lustful attentions. Suros could not begin to name all of the women Decimus toyed with across the lands in the name of medical attention. His female patients received gentle albeit sexual care while any male patient was treated with a few cryptic words and maybe a bottle of tonic thrown at their feet.


"He said not to worry and that you would explain the egg things he left."


Turning his head, Suros peered into the door of the open nursery again. A large black, egg shape of volcanic rock sat near each of the wooden cribs. Twin rocks for twin girls. Faintly the egg-like rocks pulsed revealing orangish-red lines veining through the rock's surface. In time, the lava like lines will increase as will the pulsing heat around the rocks. It was convenient, Suros thought. Winter was approaching and unlike his boys the tiny bunny girls were more susceptible to changes in weather. Plans to have the rooms heated throughout the winter were already set, but now it may not be necessary.


"They are hellhound eggs."


"What?!" Ishtar frowned and began to sit up onto her elbows but he pushed her back flat onto the bed.


"Do not worry, wife. They are highly valuable and will be perfect companions for our daughters once they hatch. They will gestate for months to come and once our daughters take their first steps the hounds should be ready. As pups they will form a strong bond with the girls, becoming impeccable guardians over them. The hounds will never allow them harm, even from us. They will be perfect companions."


"Oh that is perfect, Suros. I need to thank Decimus for his-"


"You have thanked my brother enough," he growled and kissed her.


Softening beneath him she nodded and spread her legs beneath him until he could feel her searing wet warmth against his thigh.  He could only hope he had the strength to pull back when needed or they were going to find themselves in this situation all over again.


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