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A smile full of teeth epilogue

Gripping the soft flesh of her ass in each hand, Eddie’s hips thrusted forward against his control. Hanging from the ceiling suspended by the thick black webbing, Mary hung face forward and her legs bent and spread allowing him perfect access to her soaking wet cunt. With her arms pulled back and strung up by her elbows, Mary’s head hung between her shoulder blades as they rocked her body back and forth like a swing. In and out her body took the full length of their cock. Eddie gritted his teeth as he heard her ragged moans escalate again and her pussy began to tighten around his cock. Eddie had lost account on how many times she had come, it felt like they had been going for hours. Looking down at his hands covered in Venom’s flesh he wondered how long the creature would make them go for tonight. Every thrust, every slap to her red plump ass was all Venom’s doing. Lately the creature wasn’t satisfied with just taking turns with Mary, the creature had started hijacking parts of his body leaving Eddie a hostage in his own body as he pushed himself into the woman they loved.


Now with his legs and hands covered in the creature’s substance, the only part of Eddie’s body left free was his torso and head. Eddie’s mind felt like it was filled with a thick red fog as he stared at his covered hands part his wife’s ass cheeks showing him her tightly puckered hole just above where his dick slid in and out of her at a maddening pace. His mouth watered as he watched one hand begin to finger the tight little hole.


A strangled cry in response would have blown his load if the evil fucker didn’t have one of its black tendrils wrapped around the base of Eddie’s dick, acting as a cock ring. The need to come was driving him mad, Eddie could feel his balls aching for release as the slapped against her wet cunt.


“Please no more,” Eddie could hear her tears as her body began to rock violently in the swing of webbing she was attached to as their pace picked up.


The inside of his mouth felt thick and dry as he grunted in time with thrusting of his own hips. Eddie wanted to comfort her, to tell her something that would alleviate the sexual torture they were enduring but he was powerless to stop it. All Eddie could was watch as Venom sunk his finger deeper into her puckered hole as the other hand snaked around to tease at her swollen clit.


Her scream rang out in the bedroom as her luscious body tightened painfully around him.


Finally, the tendril at the base of his cock released him and Eddie’s body exploded.


“Goddammit,” he bellowed, as his body shuddered violently over hers.


Streams of his seed poured out of his body and filled her to the brim. Each pulse of his balls he could feel more and more of his seed pour into her spasming cunt, milking him for every last drop.


Released from the creature’s hold Eddie stumbled backward, his chest heaving trying to catch his breath. Leaning against the wall, he couldn’t take his eyes off the sight of the woman he loved laying limp and used in the black sticky bindings. Taking another large pull of air, Eddie stepped forward to remove her.


(No.) Eddie could hear the deep command echo in his mind.


Exhausted, Eddie let his head lean back and he stared at the ceiling. “What do you mean, no? You better not be suggesting that we leave her up there to go again.” Eddie looked back at her limp body hanging above the bed and felt a pang of guilt slice through him since he was sure Mary was now unconscious.


(I Want Her Coated In Our Seed. I Want Her With Child.) The dark want rumbled through his body like vibrations.

“I am well aware,” Eddie sighed as he grabbed his discarded shorts from the ground and yanked them on.


This was all Eddie’s fault really. For the past three weeks the symbiote’s obsession with getting Mary pregnant had been steadily growing. It started as an errant thought, just a random daydream as he stared at a man at the grocery store cradling his newborn as the mother went and grabbed something down the aisle. From the simple question of what if, started a firestorm in their converged minds and no longer was it simply “what if” it was the burning urge of “when”.


 “Look at her,” Eddie commanded. “She is exhausted and sore. We aren’t going to leave her in that uncomfortable position.”


The beast didn’t say anything in response.


Walking over to her, Eddie cut the webbing and lowered her to the bed. Pushing the hair back from her sweaty flushed face he leaned forward and kissed her softly. God above, he loved this woman just looking at her exhausted supine form made his body call out to hers. Adjusting her along the pillows so that she laid on her stomach and her ass was slightly upturned in the air, Eddie ignored the symbiote’s satisfied grumble and covered her with comforter. Laying down next to her, Eddie smiled at her tiny little snores.


Putting his hands behind his head, Eddie stared at the lights from passing car headlights arc across their bedroom ceiling. An alien symbiote, a wife, a home, and now quite possibly with the way Venom was practically breeding them a child too; life was far beyond what he ever imagined it. Looking over to Mary’s sleeping face Eddie had to resist the urge to wake her up with a kiss. Happiness was not a sufficient enough word to cover how he felt with her at his side. Nothing could describe the pleasure he experienced at walking her to her office every morning or the enjoyment he took at teasing her about her OCD behaviors. Though nothing could have really prepared him for the shock and immense pleasure he felt at learning about her secret submissive side. A side he was sure he might have never found if it wasn’t for the symbiote.


Once the thought of having a child rooted itself into the one-track mind of the symbiote, they spent nearly every night afterword’s making love to their wife. It was when Venom discovered the little pink pack of birth control pills in the bathroom that things took a darker turn. Eddie could vividly remember opening the medicine cabinet to grab his toothpaste when his eyes passed over the pink packet. A question, innocuous and harmless, floated to the forefront of his mind and Eddie mentally answered it telling the other being what the packet was. There was only a second of a pause before his body morphed painfully and rapidly to the hulking creature. They found Mary in the bedroom pulling back the sheets, getting ready for bed. Eddie watched within his body as Venom confronted Mary on the package and her need to take them. Eddie could do nothing to stop the alien as he watched him pin their wife against the bed snarling evenly and deeply exactly what she was going to do with those pills. Amazed he watched her flush the pills down the toilet and walk obediently back to the bedroom. Eddie’s cock twitched back to life even now as he remembered her nodding and agreeing that she did want kids and she was more than ready to do anything they asked of her to ensure that mission was accomplished. Obediently, his wife took their cock into her mouth and sucked him them off all the while staring meekly into their eyes with her mouth full. Crawling onto the bed she opened perfectly for them as she accepted their brutal lovemaking.


Mary was made for them.




Six months later.


“Pause it, I am going to get the heating pad for my back.” With a hand on her swollen stomach and the other on the small of her back, Mary got up from the couch.


Setting the drinks and popcorn down, Eddie reached for the remote to pause the movie as a thought struck him.


Whipping his head towards her retreating waddling form down the hall Eddie lifted his arm and shot out a stream of webbing catching her.


“Eddie!” she turned and gave him a perturbed scowl.


Laughing he vaulted over the couch and caught up to her where he had her stopped in the hall. Standing there pregnant and barefoot in a blue and white striped t-shirt dress, Mary was an absolute maternal vision. Eddie nor Venom were ashamed to admit that they were highly turned on by her rounded pregnant form. Surprisingly it was Venom that was the one restraining himself when it came to her. As much as the creature wanted her with child for so many months the alien was quite docile when faced with a pregnant Mary. Where Eddie tempered their lovemaking only slightly in consideration to their unborn child, Venom was completely changed. Venom spent nearly every night before bed caressing and licking her growing stomach soothingly before eventually working his way down to her soaking sex. Slowly and carefully the alien made love to their wife with a care that Eddie didn’t think was possible. Only months before this was the same creature that was shoving her face onto their dick and roaring in pleasure as she gasped for air. Now he was the epitome of slow and gentle, making it his mission to find new ways to bring her to the shattering climax without putting any strain on her delicate body. Often times, Mary told him she found Venom looking at her with his mouth completely closed, which she told him she found the creepiest, just silently watching her as if he was waiting for something to happen.


Guiding her by both shoulders he gently turned her around and walked her back to the couch.


“I will get it,” he said pointedly as he pushed her to sit before propping up her feet. “What did I tell you about reaching for things high up?”


He could hear her mumble something underneath her breath as he went to grab the heating pad out of the hallway closet. Coming back, he plugged it in and set it behind her back. Taking his seat next to her again, he laid back so that his head was on her lap. Looking up at her, she laughed.


“Pretty soon, there won’t be any room on my lap for you to do this,” she smiled down at him as she ran her fingers through his hair.


“Pretty soon you will have another little person vying for real estate on your lap and chest,” he told her happily, enjoying the warmth of excitement that bloomed in her eyes.


Rubbing at his temples she paused and cocked her head to the side questioningly. “How do you think Venom is going to act when the baby gets here?”


It was something they had talked about in depth, even with the symbiote himself. Obvious fears and doubts were laid to rest once they realized Venom purely wanted to protect and cherish Mary and the child. From their understanding Venom seemed to thrive off the feeling of being needed. He told them he wanted to witness and experience human life from the beginning since he was already well versed on all the ways it could end. The creature was excited to hold and love something than would love him back unconditionally. Simply put Venom was ready to have a family.


“I think he will stare at the baby all night and day and not let me get any sleep,” he answered dryly.


Her thighs shook with the vibrations of her laughter. “You don’t think it will be that creepy closed mouth stare do you?”


Even as she said it, Eddie laughed at her shudder at the thought. “Probably so. I think a smile that big should be slowly introduced to the baby.”


Shaking her head with a smile Mary continued to rub at his temples. Eddie didn’t fight the sudden need that urged him to wrap his arms around her stomach while burying his face into the material of her shirt.


“We Love You Mary.”


“And I love both of you too.”

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