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Wrongful Desires

Wrongful Desires


"We are at the Archery finals at the Olympic games.. Anya Becker of Germany and Raven Lyons of America on their third and final set of women's individual archery."


"Yes, Chuck, both women were severely tested in the previous round with Anya coming in with only one point ahead."


"Both women have shown such supreme fortitude to get to this point in pursuit for that Gold medal."


"Stepping out now is Raven Lyons. As you can see she is wearing a grey Kevlar type of vest over her shirt. A vest that, I was told her husband and coach, Creed Lyons, spent months working with the Olympic committee to get approved."


"She will be only one in only a handful of women to compete in this tournament while being six months pregnant."


"Here they are stepping up to the plate and Lyons will shoot first."


Walking across the green carpeted arena, Raven adjusted the snug fitting vest over her Olympic uniform before glancing at her husband. Standing in the designated coach's square a few feet behind her, Creed's naturally stern face was mostly covered by the large sports sunglasses and baseball cap which gave him an even more foreboding look. But she caught his smirk and knew that he was looking directly at her. He gave her a nod and she turned around to face her target and picked up the large recurve bow. Pulling the bow's string until it was pressing flush into her lips and cheek, Raven held it before letting the string go with a snap, simultaneously letting the entire bow to fall gracefully down in her hold as her and everyone else watched the arrow hit the yellow center.


"That's a ten!" the announcer shouted as the crowd on either side of the long archery field cheered in the stands.


"To be expected from Lyons who has been competing since she was eleven," the other announcer said approvingly. "But she will face a strong oppenent as Anya steps up to the ready now."


For a few moments neither the announcers nor the crowd said anything as the German contestant shot her arrow.


"Another ten! Wow these women are brining their A-game today."


"You can see Raven's coach saying something to his wife now, no doubt a few final instructions to keep her head in the game as the pressure builds."


Again the crowd went silent as Raven knocked another arrow into place on the string. But Raven paused just before pulling back the strong and reached down to rub her stomach with a smile. Sensing Creed's interest behind her she cast a quick glance over to the coach's square and saw the tension in her husband's frame as he silently tried to ask her what was wrong. Turning away from him she caught the judge's attention standing between them, a tall man with deep brown skin, politely leaned over to her as she whispered what happened. Smiling now, the man nodded and stepped back to Creed to inform him as she turned back to face her target and pulled back her bow string.


"The judges have said that the mother to-be felt a kick just as she was readying her shot," whispered the announcer as Raven let go of the arrow.


"And it lands! That's another ten! Absolutely amazing and all the while feeling her baby shift around."


The crowd cheers. And as the excitement dies down for the next shot, Anya Becker readies to fire.


"On the line," the announcers voice was tense and excited all at once. "If it falls on the line it does default to the higher number, and its been scored a provisional nine at the moment, but you can see the disappointment in her face. She will need to maintain tens with her oppenent to get that gold medal."


Raven took a deep breath. Ignoring the crowd, her oppenent, and even the weight of her husband's stare at her back she focused on the target and lifted her bow once again. Knocking the arrow, she let it fly.


"A nine."


"Ok, its now a very close call. This next set will decide who takes home the Gold for their country."


Raven forced herself not to look at her opponent, she no doubt readied her bow and lined up her sights.


Standing next to the coach's square she forced her thoughts onto what she needed to do as Creed rubbed her shoulders. The soft kiss on her forehead and tender feel of his large hand rubbing her stomach brought her back to the present with a shock. Leaning down Creed whispered into her ear and she closed her eyes and buried her face into his chest, allowing herself just a moment to enjoy his sweet words before stepping back and wiping her eyes with a smile.


"Oh no, tears are not good right now. I hope she dries her eyes."


"She's smiling and looks happy Chuck, I think those are tears of happiness. She looks confident and relaxed, exactly what she needs right now. Nerves play a big hinderance in this sport."


"Raven readies her shot," there was a pause as the crowd and the whole world watched at their TV's at home as she lined up her sights and let the arrow go. "And ten again! Whatever her husband told her worked that arrow nearly hit the target's pinhole camera at the center. That's a shot worth of a replay of that footage. Simply amazing."


"Now for Anya," the other host announced.


The German athlete's arrow landed with a sounding thunk.




"This could be it. Just two more shots by both women. If Raven can keep up her streak then she will be taking home the gold."


"Another ten! Look at that smile, Raven Lyons looks ecstatic."


People in the stands waved the American flag from side to side, they clapped their plastic noise makers in enthusiasm as the prospect of Gold lay nearly in reach.


Stepping back into position Anya lifted her bow before dropping it. Her face was stern as she spoke fiercely to the unsmiling judge. Pausing for a few seconds she finally brought up her bow to the ready.


"I think the crowd's wild reaction might just be getting to the opponent."


"Yes, it is certainly important to mentally break from the distractions around you."


Both judges waited as the arrow took flight across the field and landed in the target. "It's an eight."


"The door is wide open for Raven now to walk away with that Gold."


Raven pushed out the sounds of the crowd as she looked down the sights of her bow. She let Creed's words play in her head on repeat and recalled the pressure of his hand on her stomach even through the infernal vest he forced her to wear. No matter what happens I have already won. You and the baby are my victories. Happiness bloomed inside of her as she let her arrows fly.


Cheers around her reached a fever pitch and she blinked as she stared at her final arrow embedded in center yellow. Strong hands turned her around and she faced the overjoyed face of her husband and beamed. She was taking home the gold. She fulfilled not only her dream, but her father's dream as well. Sinking deeper into Creed's embrace she let the happiness surround her.

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